Uneven Fight

Don't do it
It's bound for nowhere
Can see it
That's for sure
A mad shindy
Can't stop the P-wave
Need to curb it
And tame it all

You're grabby
You're getting to bore me
Don't say it
It's always the same
I'm rigid
Standing foursquare
Still have it
Have it all

Hey yeh yeah
Talk to me
Me and you in an uneasy alliance
Hey yeh yeah
It's clear to me
That's how we're in such a big and so real

Hey yeh yeah
That's how we're in this
Uneven fight

Start It Over

The fuel is running low
The time is moving on
Nice you say hello
as I'm ready to go down

It's time to waste it all
Why am I clinging on
How come you don't know
that my passion is tamped down

Try to understand
That's me running away
Afraid of being blamed
There's little inducement

I don't wanna be in charge
My courage still at large
I don't wanna stay in touch
What you think, I don’t care

I just need to leave, I'm setting forward
Won't you let me be, I'm trying to
block the memory out
All I really want is start it over
All I really need is you to
Save me unencumbered
Keep me unencumbered
Retrieve me unencumbered
And free

All I really need is you to
Keep me unencumbered
Use me unencumbered
Abuse me unencumbered
And free

Find A Soul

I had a name but it's long forgotten now
A beautiful day, but what's a day without a row

I lost my emotions, never dared to insist on more
Isolation, it's just me and my empty soul

And so I was flying to the sky to find my soul
It's all just too trying, drowsy life, so I let it go

Now all that I see is my soul keeping flying away
I'm sitting and musing, will I leave or will I wait
Nobody round here, no one to say what I should do
To hell with illusions, them souls bring nothing new

So True

My sister says ok, you take the one you're missing
It’s coming just in time, I never wanna listen
My brother says alright, you're always right on the money
My body never lies, it tells me all about you, honey

I'm into killing time, it only needs some jug wine
It keeps me well alert, the demon dwelling in my eye
I have many more, I never keep them in secret
So very true I don't, there'll be a day, you will like it

I never tell the truth, what a nefarious scheming
The evil spirit creeps, he wants to see you reeling
There’s many more, I swear, I never keep them in secret
So very true I don't, there'll be a day, you will like it

You shout the truth
I shout too

Music Keeps Me Volant

Any time I know you're coming, there's no pain
Any time the pain is going, the song's okay

So are you gonna stay by my side
Let the music keep us unified
You know that:
Music gives me all, it's my wailing wall

Any time the song is playing, I know the way
That's how your music keeps me volant, that's what I crave

So are you gonna play by my side
Feel the pleasure of being unified
Did you know that:
Having you is fine, never feel confined

Any time the chords are strumming, I know it's you
I'm always happy when you're coming and play the tune

And that's the way I know happiness
Music always beats the boringness
You take it:
It's a way of life, it's our natural right