Nobody Knows

It was the time when I needed a friend
So I accepted the game
You taught me how I should explain
So that nobody is pained

You thought I'd do, do as you say
For sure I did right away
And now I'm old and a tired man
I won't be bothered again

Ashamed for being afraid
to do it my own way
But now - I said okay
This time nobody, nobody knows

Just A Dream

I had a dream, I had a chance,
I had a feeling, no pretense
I wish it's true, I pray it's real

I didn't know that it's just me
I still believe one day you'll see
One day we'll find, one day we'll be

What do you do when you know it's true
But they don't seem to have a clue
Do you let it be or make them see

So just as you I wanna show
Even though I feel like letting go
Even though I know I'm a silly fool

Do you ever dream
About those yesterdays
When we saw what's never seen
Or was it just a dream
In the night that swallowed
All the things that'll never be

It's just a bout of dreaming
Never takes too long to leave it all behing
Am I being greedy
All I want is have back my peace of mind

This Is Why

This is gonna vex
And it's nothing too complex
Can't a man get any peace?

With a quarrel just like this
That can hardly be dismissed
When will the foolishness cease?

I wouldn't ever say
That it's just a wacky game
I'm serious, take that to heart

So why should we pretend
No way I wanna try again
Long time since all fell apart

This is why you should stay calm
No yelling, no flailing around
The bickering spoiling the day
It all rubs me up the wrong way

So True

My sister says ok, you take the one you're missing
It’s coming just in time, I never wanna listen
My brother says alright, you're always right on the money
My body never lies, it tells me all about you, honey

I'm into killing time, it only needs some jug wine
It keeps me well alert, the demon dwelling in my eye
I have many more, I never keep them in secret
So very true I don't, there'll be a day, you will like it

I never tell the truth, what a nefarious scheming
The evil spirit creeps, he wants to see you reeling
There’s many more, I swear, I never keep them in secret
So very true I don't, there'll be a day, you will like it

You shout the truth
I shout too

Ease Away

When you know for sure, you wanna
Go get it
Be all ready
I've never thought it shouldn't be that way

It's a patent crime, you know it
Time to show it
How you ignore it
The peril's closer with your every hasty move

I never cry, it's useless
It's vain and bootless
I'm sure you knew this
I'm sure you know you ought to bide your time

There's still some time, let's use it
Don't be jaded
Don't feel degraded
It's just a while, no need to make it now

Ease away, ease away
Don't let it hurt, don't let it shake you all
Ease away, ease away
Don't let it burn you as you douse it all
It's over already